Trips and Key Award Interviews

Older Member Interviews 2016-2017 – Trips and Key Award

4-H members in grades 5 and over are invited to participate in the 4-H interview process. This experience is your pathway to greater involvement in 4-H beyond Barron County.  It is also how to apply for the 4-H Key Award.

View the powerpoint presentation from the ME Workshop held on October 20, 2014, highlighting trip opportunities in 2016-2017. (Information still applicable, although dates not accurate)

Trips-See this link for descriptions of the 2016-2017 conferences and other trips, age eligibility and cost; and Key Award.

To be considered for conferences, trips, and/or the Key Award, you must:

  1. Complete the Member Evaluation (ME) Form
  2. Complete the Trip Preference Form
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation:  One must be from your club leader.  None should be from relatives. If your club leader is a relative, ask another adult leader in your club.
  4. Participate in a 15-minute interview.  Dates of interviews will be sometime in December.  You will be notified of your interview date/time.

Completed ME Form, Trip Preference Form, and two letters of recommendation must be submitted to the Extension Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 14th, 2016.  Late forms will not be accepted.

A panel of people from the community will be conducting the interviews.  Selection decisions will be made by the 4-H Trips Committee.

Information on Judging

ME/Interview Evaluation Form (2 pages, 228 KB) – This is the form used by the interviewers to score your ME form and interview.